Summer Camps

Ready for the Summer of Your Life?

All summer programs at Bear Creek exist to use outdoor adventure as a vehicle for personal growth and development so that every time a camper feels the warmth of the sun on their back they are reminded of their love of nature, their friendships, their challenges, and their accomplishments.

Just thinking of the sunshine of summer will remind them to stand up straight and move forward with the confidence of knowing who they truly are.

Bear Creek Camp

Bear Creek Camp is the real deal – campfires, field games, canoeing, swimming, and more! A perfect place to introduce children and youth to the joys of outdoor activities, skills, independence and lifelong friendships that can be found in few places other than camp.

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Adventure Leadership Training

Is your teen ready for the next step in their adventure? Aimed at youth ages 15-17, ALT campers will learn hands-on skills to prepare them to be leaders in the outdoor adventure industry and in life

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Campers in a canoe celebrating after running a set of rapids.
Campers in a canoe celebrating after running a set of rapids.

Information for Parents

Wondering about our waterfront safety procedures? Or about what your kid is up to right this moment at camp? Or how the heck you’ll live without your kid for two whole weeks?! We’ve got all the resources for camp parents.

If you do not find the information you are looking for please let us know; We are always happy to chat about camp!

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Family Camp

Relive camp nostalgia at Family Camp! Connect with nature, reconnect with each other.

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Campers riding mountain bikes in the forest.