Trip Planning Checklist for Teachers

The following checklist is aimed to make your booking and trip planning with Bear Creek Outdoor Centre an easy and straightforward process! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at: [email protected].

Step 1: Choosing a Trip

  • Check out our website and some of our Sample Programs to see how Bear Creek can cater to your specific interests!
  • Contact us to determine available dates, and for any additional information you may need.

Step 2: Booking your Trip (2-3 months before trip)

  • Choose the type of program you would like: Day, Overnight, 3 Day/2 Night.
  • Choose the main program blocks you are interested in.
  • Send in Booking Contract Form, Program Blocks, and deposit of $200 (for day-trips) and $400 (for overnights).
  • Your trip dates will be held tentatively until the contract and deposit is received.

Step 3: After Receiving Booking Confirmation

  • Inform the students that they will be participating in an Outdoor Educational Program with Bear Creek Outdoor Centre!
  • Consider a fundraising activity to reduce costs per student.
  • Advise parents/guardians of the trip.

Step 4: Setting Up YOUR Educational Experience (6-8 weeks before trip)

  • Contact us to discuss:
    • Program curriculum and objectives.
    • Confirming the initial program blocks that were chosen, or altering any programs if necessary.
    • Reviewing expectations of program.

Step 5: Getting the Students Ready (4-6 weeks before trip)

  • Send home:
    • Information and Student Registration Form
    • Bear Creek Waiver Form
    • *School Consent forms*

Step 6: Transportation (2-3 weeks before trip)

  • Book bus/transportation.

Step 7: Things to Prepare (1-2 weeks before)

  • Assign students into cabin groups (8 per cabin).
  • Assign students into program groups (as per your customized program).
  • Send us any health concerns/dietary concerns.

Step 8: Arrival DAY!

  • Bring all Permission forms.
  • Have photocopies of program schedule and participants (groups and cabins).
  • Bring payment for the program.
  • Get ready for an amazing experience!