Movement and Math!

Looking for a new activity to do with your kids at home during these difficult days? I was inspired on my walk this morning to think of things that would engage children while we are involved in that daily walk that has become about the only acceptable activity outside of our homes these days. We walk, we distance from others and we keep moving…then we come back home.

I have a couple of suggestions that can have limitless variations for your family. Both of these can be modified to be done inside or outside (even just in the yard if you are lucky enough to have one). For both of these activities it is key to have the proper equipment. You will require a clipboard and writing utensil for each player. Make preparation part of this event. Everyone can make a special clipboard out of materials that you have at home. I would suggest rigging up some sort of attachment system for your writing utensil.

Jill’s Clipboard. I love crafts! template for game by

Now for the task part of the activity.

  1. Each participant will find something that begins with each letter of the alphabet in order. Spelling is key and each participant must find a different item before moving on. Participants must be able to see the object when it is recorded. Spelling is a bonus.
  2. With a blank sheet set your movement parameters and add up every number that you can find along the way. Example: every 40 steps stop and find a number and add it to the last ( numbers can be found on homes, licence plates, signs etc.) Variation: every time you see a pickup truck subtract 20 from the total. Every time you see a squirrel subtract 5.
  3. You could also make a tally of items that you expect to find on your walk (red cars, black squirrels, Labrador retrievers) and put them into columns, then on your walk you could record your findings. Variation: ask kids for expected numbers during a half hour walk then you can graph expectations vs. actual numbers after the event.

With a little imagination I know that you and your children can come up with some pretty amazing studies and scavenger hunts in and around the home this week. I am thinking about all of you.