Residential summer camp for your child, only $25/week!

That’s right folks you heard it here! Your child can experience all of the fun, all of the growth, the confidence, the resiliency, the skills, and the friendships that only a residential camp experience can offer for the low price of just $25/week.

I know that you are a believer in the value of residential summer camp. You know the stories, you understand the “why” but you hold back because the sticker price is scary.

I am here to help you get camp off of your “nice to have” list and put it on the “must have” list for your children.

The new school year is a time to start things fresh for your family. You equip yourself with all of the right tools, new pencils, new running shoes and a shiny new family budget. This is the time of year where we, as families, set our priorities and make decisions about how we will design this coming year. 

Include camp in your investments for your children, and then automate it. Just as with other investments when you automate the process you can sit back and think about other things and rest assured that you are on track to realizing your intentions.

Most banks offer online savings accounts with no fees. I have an online savings account that I have nicknamed “camp”. Every two weeks a small amount of money goes into that account automatically. It’s just gone out of my checking account and I hardly noticed (the amount has been budgeted for!). 

I can then safely register my child for camp next summer right away and take advantage of the early registration discounts that most camps offer in early fall. Then, in the spring, when time comes to pay the camp tuition balance the money is there…Ta Da!

Now all you have to do is get out there and find the perfect camp. 

Check out to find out what camps are out there. Talk to the camp director to see if this camp is right for your child.

And when camp is all over make sure to save your tuition receipt and talk to your tax specialist about allowable child care expenses for residential programs.

Yeah camp!