About Bear Creek Outdoor Centre

Our Philosophy:

Explore • Play • Learn

As parents, we do so many wonderful things for our children. We provide unconditional love. We encourage, we set boundaries, we advocate on their behalf. We are the safe harbour in the constantly changing, and sometimes rough seas of life. But there are many things we alone cannot do for our children. We cannot give them self confidence. We cannot manage their emotions or motivations. We cannot feel their pain when they fall down or muster their courage to get back up and try again. Heck, most of us cannot even get our children to turn off the electronics or make their beds.

What we can do for them is to create opportunities for them to grow in the ways that we alone cannot facilitate. And boy does growth ever happen at sleep away camp! Bear Creek Outdoor Centre is a small, family-run, overnight camp near Ottawa Ontario. Our joy is creating programs and opportunities that challenge, stretch and grow children and youth. Fresh air, friends and adventure are the only three ingredients required for an outstanding summer experience for your child.We welcome new camp families to join us this year.

Our Outdoor Centre, located on 400 acres, contains two private lakes and miles of wooded trails perfect for nature exploration, orienteering, and hiking.

“Perhaps we cannot statistically prove that people who are more connected to the earth are wiser and healthier and happier, but common sense tells us that it must be so”

Steve van Matre

Our Story

In 1999, Jill Baxter founded Bear Creek Outdoor Centre with one desire: for participants to bask in the pure joy that can be found in outdoor adventure.

20 years later, Jill and her family are proud to continue that vision.

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Our Facilities

With over 400 acres of forest, two lakes – including a private 45 acre lake exclusively for Bear Creek Outdoor Centre – and our namesake creek, Bear Creek is a true wilderness retreat.

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Our Staff

Bear Creek instructors and counsellors represent the best the industry has to offer.

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