School and Custom Groups We offer 3 types of programs: Day, Overnight, and 3-Day/2 Night, all of which can be catered to your specific needs.
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School Group Program Options

Lunch time at Bear Creek Outdoor CentreTypes of Programs:
We offer 3 types of programs: Day, Overnight, and 3-Day/2 Night, all of which can be catered to your specific needs/interests:

  1. Day Programs
  2. Overnight Programs
  3. 3-Day/2-Night Programs

How does this fit into your curriculum?

  • Environmental Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Physical Education
  • Team Building
  • Leadership developmen

With over 500 acres of forest, a creek, and 2 lakes on property, Bear Creek has a variety of ecosystems that can engage students with hands-on-learning experiences. Whether the focus is discovering the natural environment, the interaction between various ecosystems and humans, natural history, leave no trace skills, orienteering, etc., we pride ourselves in offering programs that encourage students to engage in place-based learning. More so, the facilities offer access to climbing walls, low ropes courses, canoeing, and mountain biking, which allow students to experience both leadership and developmental experiences.

Canoe LessonSample Programs:

Example (DAY PROGRAM):
Grades 5-8 Year-End Field Trip
Duration: 1 Day
Stations: 3
  • Class divided into four sections (or teams)
  • Two groups participate in canoeing station (at once) and all groups will rotate through three stations

Station 1: Outdoor Travel (Safe Canoeing Program)
Location: Beach
  • Safety Equipment memory game
  • Discussion of safe canoeing practices
  • Selection of equipment
  • Control of the canoe
  • Canoe safety techniques
** This section of the program will be instructed by qualified Paddle Canada Instructors.

Station 2: Teamwork and Communication
Location: Low Ropes Course
  • In small groups, students will participate in 4 low initiative elements designed to build confidence and to foster teamwork and communication.

FrogStation 3: Human Impact on the Natural Environment
Location: Campfire
  • Discussions concerning notions of “the wilderness”, “wilderness experience”, and the “environment”, leading into Leave No Trace (LNT) principles and activities.
  • The aim is to create a sense of awareness and responsibility for our actions and practices in the natural world, and to introduce LNT.

-- After completing all stations, students put their knowledge and skills to the test in a friendly game that incorporates many of the new skills that have been introduced throughout the day

Other examples of stations include:
Station: Ottawa Valley, “A Sense of Place”
Location: Classroom
  • How do you describe the Ottawa Valley? To friends, to someone from another country? How to recognize it? 
  • Activities and discussions on geological history, natural history, cultural history, and artifacts

Station: Navigation
Location: Upper field
  • Introducing principles of navigation, using compass, and the benefits of understanding navigation/direction/compass use/orienteering

* We have often incorporated the navigation component into programs by practicing these skills during station transitions (i.e. using a bearing to get from Station 1 to 2)

Client Testimonials

It was a day that really challenged students and boosted their self-confidence!

S. Reddoch, Grade 8 Teacher

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